Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When you are single, you learn to lead with your gut...

Just like when someone is walking down the street that seems shady, and you get that weird feeling in your gut to run, single people learn to follow that same instinct when dating.  Here are a couple of scenarios I have run into, that required hasty gutsy kind of last minute decisions:

Rick the &%$@-  Rick from online dating asked for my number.  I gave it to him, and he called me on a Saturday afternoon.  I was busy, and didn't realize he had left a message.  I never listen to my cell phone messages, who does?? On Sunday I get a text, then a phone call.  Rick decided to argue with me for about twenty minutes about how rude I was, and that I left a bad taste in his mouth for not getting back to him sooner.  I ended the phone conversation, and decided I should not have even spoke to him past five minutes.  That evening he emailed me, still going on about how rude I was.  My instinctual answer back was simple,"Sorry you feel this way, God bless you, and take care."  I decided to take the high road on that one.

The Architect- He was a nice guy, but one thing really disturbed me.  He didn't give me a Christmas card.  He showed me an empty Christmas card and said "This is for you, but I didn't fill it out yet."  What does this tell me?  He has nothing to say, hence, he is not that into me.  We were supposed to spend New Years Eve together, but I didn't want to start the new year with someone who was going to be old news.  I moved on.  He admitted in a text that he wasn't that into me, but I don't know if that was anger talking, or it was really true.

The Engineer-  (AKA my exboyfriend)  I simply wanted to see how he was doing.  I texted him hello.  His texts were so lovable and amazing, I made a last minute decision to see him again.  My gut said go with how you feel.  I missed him so much, and I trust him.  He may be equal to Mr. Big from Sex and the City.