The Professor

Again, any individual in education I have high respect for. :)  The professor was very nice, cute in an Erkle kind of way.  We had a lot of great phone conversations, he was smart.  I like smart.  On our first date we met for drinks.  P actually had a small gift for me on our first meeting- a small box of chocolates.  He waited for my arrival outside the bar in the freezing cold.  I am thinking nice guy, good manners.  We had some things in common, and he suggested during our date a change in location to go eat dinner.  I thought that was really lovely.  We had a great date, then planned on going out again.  Our second date that we planned was a romantic movie.

On a side note, I know when you are on a date,  one should not use one's cell phone.  When my best friend texted me to check up, I didn't answer.  She got really worried, which was sweet.  She freaked out and started call all of our friends asking about me.  When I finally texted her back three hours later, she was upset.  This is the perfect reason why we have to check our cell phone.  Now I prepare my dates and explain that she is checking on me, even if she isn't.  I want my dates to know people are looking out for me- safety precaution.

Back to the professor, our romantic movie.  We went to go see a good one, can't remember the name.  I don't suggest a movie for a second date, it's too serious.  A movie should be like a fifth date.  During the movie he did not hold my hand, he just left it open on the arm rest between us.  I felt this was a weird move.  If someone wants to hold my hand, they should just ask.

Anyhow, after the movie the staff collected money for a charity, and he donated towards it, I actually was watching to see if he would.  Nice touch.  As he walked me to my car, he pulled a "gangster" move (one of my man-friends call it this, lol).   Love that term.  He grabbed my hand when I was about to open my car door.  I giggled, which made me realize- no, not this guy.  No chemistry.  Felt really bad, but it happens.

I didn't answer his text the next day, I really should have explained to him that I was not interested.  If this happens again, I will handle the situation better.