The Nerd

I say Nerd respectfully.  Nerds are great people, love them.  This date occurred around Halloween.  We met at a bookstore (no pun intended) for coffee.  As we sat in the cafe, he didn't have much to say.  I guess he was nervous.  I began to carry the conversation.  When a conversation falls flat, I like to ask about football.  Most, not all, guys love to talk about the game on Sunday.  After a while, he seemed to loosen up a little.  I then suggested we look for a book I have been wanting to purchase.

He was sweet during my search.  The Nerd took action to find my book, inquiring about it to the bookstore faculty.  He became interested in my book search.  After we found it, we then looked at music, after which I got bored.  I told him nicely I had leave, and he didn't have the opportunity to walk me to my car.  We ironically were parked right next to each other.  We smiled a half smile good night, and I was on my way home.  We never spoke again.  I am going to chalk this one up to being a nice evening out at my favorite book store.  One of my goals during my dating adventures is to keep positive and place my best foot forward no matter what, give positive chi to the universe.

I did learn that drinks with a nerd date it the better choice, it can help them to relax.