First Speed Date

I was really nervous during my first speed dating experience.  It was back in September, and my first dating experience out on the singles scene.  I decided to go it alone.  When I arrived I didn't know what to expect.  I saw a really energetic group of people by the bar, and I approached them.  I asked one of the girls in the group if this was the speed dating group.  She gave me a weird look, and said that this group was a business party.  I laughed to myself, and ordered a glass of wine.  My best friend Jen knew I was going, and sent me a crazy text,"Pimp yourself girl!".  I laughed by myself at the bar.  There is nothing wrong with laughing by yourself BTW.

I really enjoyed this experience, and most of the dates were normal.  What did I get out of this experience?  I met one of my greatest man-friends, my secret weapon.  I used to work with Steve in the mall while I attended college.  He was at the same event.  He gave me his business card, and I emailed him.  One of the first things we did together was the singles cruise in NYC.  I have learned a lot from Steve, which made this speed dating experience worth while.  You never know what you can run into doing different things. Steve is reading this right now, thank you for everything! xoxo