Singles Cruise

The singles cruise in NYC was the first event I attended with Steve.  When we got there, the lines were extremely long, and everyone was single and looking.  I highly suggest trying this.  Even though I only talked to a few people, I had so much fun.  The music was great, there were countless opportunities to meet new people.

Few words about Steve.  He has such a good attitude about dating.  He does not care how many times he gets knocked down, or is successful.  As he explains, "If you don't like the game, get out of the kitchen."  I agree with this.  As I watched him on this cruise, girls respond well to him.  He danced, flirted, spoke to many women, and just had fun.  He even wrote "Hi" on napkins and handed them out. Girls found this interesting and funny.  This was motivational to watch, and inspiring.