Business Dude

Business dude was a PLAYER.  When we first started talking, we talked for hours.  We had three dates together, and three others which he cancelled due to health problems.  When we did have a date, it was a last minute call to see if I was busy, and since I am not I would grab the opportunity. He was very cute, very smart, and a smooth talker.  Wait, sorry, he was a super texter!!  All he did was text, constantly at first, then he tapered off when he found out he wasn't going anywhere. :)  BD would text me on the weekends, check this out, to see if I was on a date with other people.  But there was something about him I really liked.  Of all the dates I have had this past six months, he stood out of the crowd. I would never tell him that, it would go against the rules of a player.   He would never make plans for the weekend, only on a Tuesday night, at the same place.  I liked his sense of humor.  This one hurt a little,  I thought at one point we did have a nice connection.  Little by little, our communication stopped.  What did I learn from this guy?  Go slow, especially when someone is moving fast.  I still keep in touch with him once and a while, I guess I can say we are "friends", nothing more.