Salt Licker

Okay, this date sounded very promising.  We had a great phone conversation.  He was an accountant, and close with his family.  He was divorced, in the same boat as myself.  SL arrived early for our date, and texted me saying to take my time.

When I arrived, he didn't even see me standing behind him, so I texted him to turn around.  lol.  I thought that was good move.  When I tried to sit down next to him, he sat too close for my liking.  He was cute, but all that happened for two hours was him lecturing me about divorce, and his divorce and ex wife.  SL had too many drinks, but at one point he switched over to peach margheritas with salt around the rim.  First of all, aren't peach margheritas a girly drink?  Anyway, he had two of them, after which, and I kid you not, in slow motion- slowly licked the whole entire rim to clean the salt from his glass.  If I could take a picture of my face during this process, I would have posted it right here.

At that moment Business Dude texted me, and I realized that if I want to text buisness dude over talking to Salt Licker, this wasn't going to work out.  SL actually looked mad when I looked at my cell phone.  At this point I explained sweetly I had to go home to let my dog out.  We walked to the parking lot, he asked me where my car was, but didn't attempt to walk me to it. Despite our misconnection, I gave him a hug goodbye.  The next day I texted him a thank you for the drinks, and he did not reply.  On Monday, I was telling this story to a coworker.   He gave me a terrific idea.  Coworker said when SL licked his glass, I should have mirrored him and licked my glass, lol.  I'll have to remember that move for next time.