The Father

The Father was the first date I had spoken to that had a child, in kindergarten.  I don't have any problem dating a parent.  In fact I love children.  I learned that his divorce was more difficult than mine, especially when a child was involved.  BUT, all he talked about was his child.   We had a number of phone conversations before our date, and ninety percent of them focused on his child.  I actually asked some other single parents I am friends with if this was normal, and they replied this was weird/strange.

Nevertheless, I decided to meet up with him for a drink.  He was actually cute, well mannered, suggested dinner.  I had fun, when we talked about....give you two guesses.  :)  I tried very politely to steer our conversation away from parenting, with no avail.  After our date, didn't hear from him for a week.  I texted him " Happy NewYear",  but didn't get a text back.  I do have to give him some credit,  he must be a dedicated father.